ITT CM93: Project Zeus, The first fully electric backhoe

ITT CM93: Project Zeus, The first fully electric backhoe

The first fully electric construction backhoe 'Project Zeus' was just unveiled and its maker says it's just as powerful as a diesel-powered one

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  • Case Construction Equipment has unveiled the 580 EV "Project Zeus", an electric backhoe loader.

  • The 580 EV has the same functions and power capabilities as its diesel-powered counterpart while having the benefit of being quieter with zero emissions.

  • Two units of the 580 EV will be delivered this year to Avangrid and National Grid in the US.

Case Construction Equipment has unveiled the 580 EV "Project Zeus", a fully electric backhoe loader.

The construction equipment company is quite familiar with backhoe loaders: CASE claims it built the first factory-integrated one in 1957. And now, the company is progressing towards the future of electrification by creating what it claims to be the industry's first electrified backhoe loader.


The new Project Zeus has the same functions and power as a typical diesel-fueled backhoe loader. However, because it's electric, the cost of operating the 580 EV is significantly lower than operating its diesel counterpart, according to Case. It's also quieter and emits zero emissions, optimizing it for construction use in crowded cities.


The 580 EV's electrified quality also makes it appealing to companies that are encouraged to work with low emissions equipment, Case claims. Two units of Project Zeus will be delivered to companies in the US during the first and second quarter of this year. One will be sent to Avangrid — which services New England and New York — and the other to National Grid, which serves Rhode Island, Massachusetts, and New York.


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31 March 2020

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