ITT CM93 presents the new PX / PXV ploughs from New Holland.

ITT CM93 presents the new PX / PXV ploughs from New Holland.

ITT CM93 and New Holland present the new PX / PXV reversible mouldboard ploughs from 4 to 7 bodies.

New Holland Agriculture took advantage of Innov Agri 2018, held last September, to present its magnificent range of PX / PXV reversible mouldboard ploughs to the general public.

New Holland arados ITT CM93

New Holland's new range of reversible ploughs has a number of features that make it perfect for contractors or large farms that require more intensive use.

  • PX / PXV ploughs are available in fixed or variable width models, from 4 to 6 bodies in the conventional version, and up to 7 bodies in the off-line version.
  • High traction power, up to 300 hp.
  • Efficient anti-stone safety system: with two possible types of safety: fuse safety system or hydraulic non-stop type.
  • Wide range of blades that can be adapted to all types of soil.
  • A wide range of equipment: skimmers, discs or deflectors, wear plates, depth control wheels, etc.
  • The PX reversible plough is also available as OL version, off-line up to 7 bodies. In other words, it works off-line, allowing the use of double or crawler tractors.


New Holland ITT CM93 arados

New Holland ploughs boast exceptional quality, as the brand has a factory in Sweden dedicated exclusively to the manufacture of these equipments.


Now ITT CM93 invites you to get to know these powerful reversible ploughs which are a guarantee of success for our customers.


and discover what New Holland PX / PXV ploughs can do for you.

ITT CM93 - 28 October 2018

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