ITT CM93 News: NH CX7.90 Combine Harvester

ITT CM93 News: NH CX7.90 Combine Harvester

ITT CM93 News: NH CX7.90 Combine, Performance and Efficiency

Although the NH CX Series combines are now 17 years old, their performance and efficiency have been enhancing year after year thanks to continuous improvements and upgrades.


The NH CX7.90 is a clear example of this evolution, as it introduces a series of improvements that position it as one of the best combines on the market.

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These are some of the improvements introduced by NH in the CX7.90:

  • Cab: The CX range features greater soundproofing and much more visibility and interior space, making the most of space and great comfort.


  • Controls: With a new and more ergonomic arched CM93 ITT Cosechadorasconsole and a multi-function operating lever that has three modes of operation: factory mode, harvest mode and shuttle mode.


  • Harvested Grain Moisture Sensor: In this way, a map can be obtained where a colored graph indicates the grain moisture along the harvested strips of land.


  • Cutting platform with 3 operating modes: Compensation (it remains constant the pressure over the ground to harverst the short crop types). Automatic regulation mode and Autofloat (allows the head to follow the undulations of the ground to guarantee a uniform height and prevent the platform from coming into contact with the ground).


  • Threshing device: an intelligent and innovative device shared by all models in the CX series. In addition, all models in the CX combine series have an automatic crop programming system that allows them to reduce set-up times when changing crop types or when product conditions change.


  • Straw walker: This is undoubtedly one of the most outstanding innovations. The new straw walkers are designed to maintain a constant flow of straw for maximum separation.


  • Cleaning system: with a grain recovery tray, a pre-screen and a self-levelling sieve box that keeps it horizontal even on slopes of up to 17%.


  • OptiSpread chopper and straw spreader with rotating discs, which allows you to regulate how the straw is distributed on the ground.


  • Propulsion system: The SmartTrax triangular arrangement system has been designed to transmit to the ground a pressure 57% lower than that of conventional wheels, producing less surface compaction of the ground and greater traction capacity.

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ITT CM93 - 27 November 2018

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