ITT CM93. New TH series from New Holland

ITT CM93. New TH series from New Holland

ITT CM93 presents the new TH series of New Holland telescopic handlers

New Holland modernizes and boosts its range of telescopic handlers, with the new TH series and its new electronic modulation transmission.

ITT CM93 serie TH New Holland

This new denomination of manipulators offers solutions capable of adapting to the operative needs of the different types of agricultural exploitations.

  • The basic version "S" is ideal for small farmers and indoor use. It includes a limited slip differential on the rear axle to increase tractive effort in difficult conditions, variable displacement hydraulic pump and reversible cooling fan.


  • The Plus version, perfect for livestock and agricultural operations, also incorporates a series of improvements that provide greater comfort and safety: air-suspended seat, telescopic steering column, cab rear lights, and so on.


  • The "Elite" version is the perfect choice for large-scale farmers and contractors, as well as biomass producers. It includes a more powerful engine as well as a number of advantages such as hydraulic pressure relief, air-suspended heated seat and headlights at the rear of the cab and arm, among others


New Holland ITT CM93 serie TH

But in addition to its new name and brand-new design, what really makes a big leap in New Holland's new TH series is the new electronically modulated transmission that ensures a perfect and smooth gear and direction change, further improving ease and performance in any operation.

serie TH New Holland ITT CM93

We will inform you of all the news of the new series of manipulators TH of New Holland in:


ITT CM93 - 16 December 2018

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