ITT CM93 New Holland Innovation Award SIMA 2019

ITT CM93 New Holland Innovation Award SIMA 2019

ITT CM93 New Holland Innovation Award SIMA 2019 for the dynamic feed roll inverter of CR combines

New Holland has once again won the innovation medal at the SIMA 2019 innovation awards, thanks to its latest addition: the Dynamic Feed Roll inverter (DFR) of the CR combines.

This new function allows to eliminate any possible blockage of the roller from the same cabin with the saving of time that this implies.

It is not surprising that there are jams, but until now it was necessary to get out of the cab to eliminate them. The DFR's inverter not only offers an advantage in terms of comfort, as it allows the jam to be removed without moving from the seat, but also saves a great deal of time, as this unblocking operation, which lasted around two hours, now only takes 10 minutes.

CM93 SIMA 2019 ITT

This innovative DFR roller inverter, together with the head and feeder inverter and the concave overload protection system provide improved protection against product overload and make the CR combines one of the most reliable and cost-effective machines available. To give you an idea, the cost of a harvesting operation with a large capacity CR9.90 combine, with tractor and trolley, can add up to 600 or 800 € per hour, with 50 tonnes less collected on a 5-6 hectare/hour and 8-10 ton/hectare basis. All this translates into a great benefit for productivity and an increase in customer profitability.

CM93 ITT SIMA 2019

If you want to know more about how it works and how you can benefit from this new DFR feature, as well as the different models and capabilities of New Holland's powerful CR combines, don't hesitate to approach 


or CM93

where you will find detailed information.

ITT CM93 - 10 January 2019

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