ITT CM93 New Holland and its new telescopic handlers

ITT CM93 New Holland and its new telescopic handlers

ITT CM93 New Holland launches new TH Series telescopic handlers

New Holland once again surprises us with its new TH series of telescopic handlers

The range of manipulators that best adapts to each need

A new range of manipulators expanded and adapted to the specific operational needs of each farm. With 6 models and 14 different versions:

  • From the basic "S" version (models TH6.32 and TH7.32) with 98 KW motor.

  • The "Classic" version (with models of 6, 7 and 9 meters), perfect for small farmers and for indoor use.

  • The "Plus" version, perfect for livestock and mixed farming operations and includes a series of features that improve comfort, safety and fast to change attachments.

  • The "Elite" version, perfect for large scale livestock farmers, contractors and biomass farms. It features a 107-kW engine and additional advanced features such as a heated air-suspension seat with integrated controls, hydraulic pressure relief and rear cab and boom lights maximize productivity even when dark.

new holland serie th manipuladoras telescopicas

The new TH series goes like silk


New Holland's TH series of manipulators integrate a new transmission with electronic modulation that ensures enhanced shifting and shuttling modulation


  • La versión 4x3 de los modelos S y Classic, mejora la subida de pendientes y el empuje en tareas de ensilaje.

  • The 4x3 version of the S and Classic models improves travel on slopes and push in silage works.

  • The 6x3 version of the Plus and Elite models with two forward/reverse shuttling modes for easy handling. In addition, it offers an automatic gear shift mode for road travel.

  • The Elite model also features an automatic gear shifting and shuttling mode, which greatly improves performance inside bays or livestock housing.

If you want to know more about the TH series of New Holland telescopic handlers come to any of our ITT CM93 delegations where you will find more information.

new holland manipuladoras telescopicas

ITT CM93 - 14 March 2019

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