ITT CM93 celebrates its 25th anniversary

ITT CM93 celebrates its 25th anniversary

ITT Compañía Maquinaria 93 celebrates 25 years of success.


Compañía Maquinaria 93, an ITT company.


ITT, International Trucks & Tractors, is a leading group that, since its origins in 1878, has been dedicated to the import and distribution of agricultural machinery, CM93and subsequently for construction and transport vehicles. With presence in Spain, France, Morocco and Chile. And always working with leading brands to give maximum guarantees to its customers.

Today ITT has 33 branches and more than 400 employees, 70% of them in post-sales, and thousands of customers with whom it maintains a close relationship of mutual trust, thanks to a service that goes beyond the simple supply of equipment, offering technical advice, spare parts, new technologies and accompanying them internationally where they need it.

ITT CM93. Building a leader

ITT Compañía Maquinaria - CM93, is one of the largest distributors of agricultural and construction machinery in Spain, with presence in Andalusia, Extremadura, Navarra, Balearic Islands and Catalonia

 This year ITT CM93 celebrates its 25th anniversary. In this time CM93 ITTCompañía Maquinaria has had to adapt to the evolution of the market and as a consequence of it to changes in the needs and demands of customers.

Today their great after-sales service, the specialization in new technologies and the great teamwork they have been doing, allows them to offer more advanced products and services that guarantee the satisfaction of the most professional customer.


Another of the reasons for its great growth is the relationship that ITT CM93 maintains with its manufacturers, always offering consolidated brands such as:


If you are interested in learning more about the history of Compañía Maquinaria 93, the ITT group and the historical evolution of machinery distribution in Spain, you can download the book ITT1878 for free here.

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ITT CM93 - 7 February 2019

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