ITT CM93 and NH celebrates the 100th anniversary of its first FIAT

ITT CM93 and NH celebrates the 100th anniversary of its first FIAT

ITT CM93 celebrates with New Holland the 100th anniversary of its first FIAT tractor

It is soon said, but 100 years have passed since the birth in 1918 of that mythical Fiat 702 tractor that was born during the last phases of the First World War in response to the great shortage of agricultural labour. At that time, it was necessary to increase production and for that a mechanization that could compensate for the lack of labor was essential.

The Fiat 702 was equipped with a 4-cylinder engine, rear-wheel drive, front steering axle and rigid rear axle equipped with a 4-cylinder engine, a rigid front and rear steering axle, which represented a revolution at that time.

The 702 also broke the mould of FIAT's conventional design and incorporated the new Fordson tractor's "chassisless" criteria, which it surpassed by far as it was a more powerful tractor and perfectly adapted to difficult terrain often abandoned after years of war.

ITT CM93 centenario FIAT

In August 1918, the emblematic Model 702 was officially introduced, causing a great impact and positioning itself well ahead of consolidated competitors.

Thus began a long line of tractors that were born in response to a need of the time and ended up modeling world agriculture: from the Model 700C, the first European tracked tractor, the indestructible models 40 and 50, the Diamante series that marked the appearance of the first version of Fiat designed for vineyards, the Nastro d'Oro series with which it commemorated its 50th anniversary and which positioned Fiat as one of the protagonists in the European market until the 1980s with the launch of the Series 90, one of the most appreciated tractor ranges in the history of agriculture that for years became an icon until the arrival of the winner series that raised the bar even higher in terms of comfort, design and technology and that twenty years after its launch, is still considered one of the best cabins of all time.

This long line of tractors capable of transforming agricultural models guarantees Fiat's ability to respond to different needs in each context by offering innovative, easy to use and highly productive vehicles.

Today, Fiat's legacy is still alive and present in New Holland's extensive offer, always at the forefront of the sector with innovations that bring important improvements to work and life in the agricultural field.

To celebrate the 100th anniversary, New Holland has created the Fiat Centenary Limited Edition tractor range, which integrates some elements of the heritage of Fiat tractors as well as the characteristic terracotta colour that for decades has characterised Fiat tractors updated with a metallic finish. The bonnet emblem unites the modern New Holland spike with the terracotta heritage and the special bonnet and mudguard stickers evoke the origins of Fiat and the iconic 90 Series.


These commemorative tractors will be available in six utility, special and tracked models and each will carry a numbered plate that identifies it as one of the models of the limited edition centenary.

The Fiat Centenary tractor prototype and various Fiat Centenary Limited Edition models will be exhibited in a commemorative area within the New Holland stand during major European trade shows, starting with EIMA 2018 and continuing through 2019.

3 January 2019

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